Huge savings on Trailer Wheels

With the cost of raw materials for ever on the increase we as a company have seen purchase prices from suppliers spiral in an unprecedented way over the past trading year. This has inevitably meant an increase in trade prices to our valued customers. However as of today we are pleased to announce that our complete range of wheel rims, spare wheels, tyres and inner tubes have been reduced by as much as 20% across the board. This is due to a change of supplier and an increase in stock held at each of our branches which will in the long term reduces the overall delivery cost involved in regular restocking of what is a fast moving range. Contact your nearest branch for prices.

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I’ve just had a conversation with a customer who went to move his Horse Trailer & found that the brakes were seized on. This is a common problem where, if left for a period of time with the handbrake applied the brake shoes bind to the inner drum wall, it rarely effects all wheels & is normally just the one. A lot of people try to just snatch them off with the tow vehicle but this can rip the linings from the shoes resulting in far more damage and danger should you tow the trailer & the wheel seize in transit. We advised the customer to first work out which brake was seized on, then to get a thick block of wood and a hammer, place the block of wood against the back plate behind the locked wheel & give it a sharp whack with the hammer. 9 times out of 10 this will release the brake shoes & free the wheel. It will then be safe to move your trailer. Be careful not too hit the hammer directly on to the back plate or hub face as this can result in damage to either.

A simple way to avoid the brakes seizing when the trailer is left for long periods of time is to not apply the handbrake & use wheel chocks instead. The handbrake is mainly used for securing the trailer while hitching up or unhooking and storing for short periods of time.

In this instance the customer had a Horse Trailer but this is the same for any braked trailer from small goods up to large Car Transporters. Trailer manufacturers recommend an anual service to keep your trailer in a road worthy condition. Many trailers are left for long periods of time unused & people assume that they will not require servicing. Unfortunately this is rarely the case as the brakes will also come out of adjustment over time as well as use, unlike your car trailers are not fitted with self adjusting brakes, so regular servicing, brake adjustment & bearing checks are essential to ensure that you are towing safely on the public highway.

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January Special offer to be extended through Feb

After the huge success of our January Sale we have decided to run the 10% discount on Tow bar fitting throughout the whole of February. So if you’re thinking of having a Tow Bar fitted to your car to tow your Trailer, Caravan or to even use it with a Thule Cycle Carrier, then take advantage of this great offer. Have a look at the link & while you’re there why not have a go at our free competition to win a Camping Trailer. Good luck!


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We are constantly updating this page as Used Trailers do not tend to hang about for very long. The first thing you’ll notice is the Land Rover 90 Defender for sale, this is a 2007 model and in excellent condition & only has 36k miles on it. A very rare vehicle in this sort of condition & of course if bought this year a saving can be made on the vat.

We also have a Twin Axle, 2000kg, Bateson 550 Van Trailer in fantastic condition. An Ifor Williams Plant Trailer, Beaver Tail Car Transporter Trailer, two AD2000 Indespension Plant Trailers, some small unbraked van trailers suitable for Taxis or Disco equipment and a few more quality trailers all fully serviced and supplied with a 6 month warranty.

Our Faversham branch are expecting an Indespension 2000kg Tipper Trailer in at the beginning of 2011, so anyone interested can leave their contact details with them on 01795 529 190.

Check out our Special Offer page as well in the next few days because we’ll be listing some bargains on there very soon.

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Welcome to the new Trident Trailers Blog

Trident Trailers Ltd. Maidstone branch

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Trident Trailers are Kents leading suppliers and stockists of Brenderup, Brian James, Easyline, Anssems, Indespension, Bateson, Erde and many other makes and types of trailers up to 3500 kg gross.

If you need a trailer, we can supply.

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